Various delivery options

We have a fleet of specialised transport vehicles. We have our own 1,000-litre pallet-boxes in which we deliver refined rapeseed oil.

We offer various forms of delivery so that customers can choose the most advantageous option for themselves each time. For customers with their own fleet, we enable them to collect the ordered goods themselves from the company's warehouse. It is worth remembering that specialised transport is the basis for maintaining high, stable product quality.

Tankers - Flota logistic

Delivery options

Bulk tanker deliveries
Oil tanker
Full truckload deliveries
Truck, collection from warehouse
LCL (less-than-container-load) deliveries
Forklift truck, pallet, oil
Deliveries in PET bottles
PET bottles with oil on pallet
Own collection from the warehouse
Warehouse and yard
1000 l pallet-boxes
(for refined rapeseed oil)
1000 l pallet-boxes

Important information

  • Bulk oil is transported to the customer directly from the fat plant.
  • Deliveries in bottles and LCL’s are made from our bottling plant in Goczałkowice-Zdrój.
  • Trusted shipping companies are involved in the transport of oil in PET bottles.
  • Each delivery is accompanied by a set of quality and sales documents.
  • The pallet-boxes are owned by our company, which reduces the cost of delivery and relieves the customer of the responsibility of maintaining the packaging.

Our fleet